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Madagascar is a wonderland of opportunity

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- Trip to MADAGASCAR -

I'm pleased to help you and to give you useful advice for a tour in Madagascar. With a lot of experiences in tourism through all Madagascar's National Parks and Reserves since ... 1993 I'm especially capable of providing all kind of travel arrangements. Please feel free to contact me for a customized itinerary ( individual tours, groups, essentials road trip, treks and adventurous trip, in luxury hotels, in tents and bivouac, etc. ).


Madagascar for nature lovers and for hiking lovers - by Ravo.Madagascar
Madagascar for nature lovers and for hiking lovers - by Ravo.Madagascar

Madagascar : the Tsingy, Nosy Be area, Baobab


- MADAGASCAR, the island -

Largest of the Indian Ocean Islands ( the world's fourth-biggest island which stretches 1590 Km from North to South and reaches 590 Km at its widest point : 587 000 sq Km ), Madagascar is a land rich in diversity, both with regards to its natural wonders and endemic wild plant life species, as well as the rich cultural background of its people. It has been relatively isolated from the outside world. Consequently it has not been exploited by the effects of mass tourism, thus remaining one of the world's great undeveloped and undiscovered eco-tourism adventure destinations. About 200 million years ago this land began to break up into the present day continents of Asia, Australasia, South America, Antarctica & Africa. Madagascar broke away from Africa about 165 million years ago. As the island drifted eastwards into the Indian Ocean, it took with it a large variety of plant and animal stowaways. Free from predators, these flourished & evolved into many different species, most of which are endemic to the island. So, Madagascar is a wonderland for the botanist & the island invites further exploration of animal, plant and birdlife, the species found nowhere else in the world.




  • Madagascar, the Flora
  • Madagascar, the Fauna

Below you can admire some pictures © of Madagascar's Fauna and Flora
To show you what kind of animals you can observe in a trip in Madagascar
Looking forward to see you and to guide you soon, all best to you


Madagascar, a wonderland for nature lovers and for trekking lovers, Photo Ravo.Madagascar
Brown lemur in the Tsingy of Bemaraha - Indri Indri ©

Madagascar, a wonderland for nature lovers and for trekking lovers, Photo Ravo.Madagascar
Panther chameleon - Parson s chameleon ©

Madagascar, a wonderland for nature lovers and for trekking lovers, Photo Ravo.Madagascar
Sanford's brown lemur - Madagascar fish eagle ©

Madagascar, a wonderland for nature lovers and for trekking lovers, Photo Ravo.Madagascar
Fosa, Kirindy forest - Ravo in the Manambolo-Tsingy ©

Madagascar, a wonderland for nature lovers and for trekking lovers, Photo Ravo.Madagascar
Decken's sifaka lemur - The famous Avenue of Baobabs ©



Trip to Madagascar, Tour in Madagascar, Ravo.Madagascar and the Baobabs of Andavadoaka

Andavadoaka - on the picture : Ravo
West coast of Madagascar :
Pierrette, Jenny, Ravo


About the different habitats, there are 7 types :

1- Eastern Madagascar evergreen humid rainforest :

With 3 categories :
a- Lowland rainforest : below 600 m, where trees are often very tall ( up to 50 m ) and epiphytes ( especially ferns & orchids ) are very abundant. You can find : Scaly Ground-roller, Bernier's & Helmet Vangas, Red-tailed Newtonia, Red-breasted Coua, etc. This area includes Masoala Peninsula National Park.
b- Mid-altitude forest : between 600 to 1600 m, where trees become smaller ( 20 - 30 m ), epiphytes & Pandanus trees always abundant. You can find : Cryptic Warbler, Rand's Warbler, Grey-crowned Greenbul, Rufous-headed Ground-roller, Crossley's Babbler, Madagascar Magpie-Robin, Common Jeries, Hook-billed & White-headed Vangas, etc. This area includes Mantadia National Park & Andasibe Special Reserve, Ranomafana National Park and Amber Mountain National Park.
a- Montane forest : above 1600 m, where canopy is rarely more than 7 m and with very heavy moss growth, where bamboo, palms & tree-ferns are locally common.


2- Western Madagascar deciduous forest :

Occurs on sandy, calcareous or lateritic soils over the entire west of Madagascar. Canopy at between 8 to 20 m, always many epiphytes ( orchids & lianas ). You will find there a lot of bottle-trunked trees, the best known being the baobabs. Kind of birds : Red-capped , Coquerel's & Giant Coua, Van Dam's Vanga, White-breasted Mesite, Sakalava Weaver, Appert's Greenbul, etc. This area includes Kirindy Forest, Zombitse-Vohibiasa National Park.

3- Southern Madagascar dry spiny forest :

Is particular with its cactus-like trees : the endemic Didieraceae family ( Didiera sp. & Alluaudia sp. ). A 5 - 15 m high forest where you can find Running & Verreaux's Coua, Subdesert Brush-Warbler, Subdesert Mesite, Littoral Rock Thrush, Red-shouldered Vanga, Long-tailed Ground-roller, etc. Example : Berenty Private Reserve.

4- Madagascar coastal habitats :

The west coast is much richer and more diverse than the east one ; with vast mangroves, saltpans, sandy beaches, sandbars, estuaries & offshore islands, both rocky & sandy. Sometimes with coral reef islands with breeding seabirds, example a colony of Red-tailed Tropicbirds on Nosy Ve near Anakao-Toliara. You can find in interesting estuaries ( such as Mahavavy, Betsiboka, Belo sur Tsiribihina ) migrant Crab Plovers, wintering Palearctic waders, Curlew Sandpiper, Greater Sand Plover, Madagascar white Ibis, Sacred Ibis, Madagascar Teal, etc. You can find too in some islands ( such as Nosy Be, Nosy Mitsio ) Common & Lesser Noddies, Roseate Terns, Greater & Lesser Frigatebirds, Crested & Sooty Terns ; and large populations of Flamingos & migrant waders in some lakes & estuaries.

5- Eastern Madagascar wetlands :

Occur in the form of lakes, rivers & marshes. Examples Alaotra lake ( the biggest lake in Madagascar ), Pangalanes canal, Vohiparara marshes near Ranomafana National Park, Torotorofotsy & Didy marshes. There are there colonies of African Spoonbills, species of Heron, Yellow-billed Storks. And near rivers : Meller's Ducks, Madagascar Rail, Grey Emutail, etc. The vegetation is often up to 3 m tall.

6- Western Madagascar wetlands :

Occur too as lakes, rivers & marshes, but include the banks and waters of the larger rivers ( Betsiboka, Tsiribihina, Mahavavy ), the salt lake of Tsimanampetsotsa & Ihotry. Several species of waterbird are found nowhere else but in these wetlands, such as the Sakalava Rail, Madagascar Teal, Great-billed & Humblot's Herons.

7- Madagascar savannas :

Are dominated by alien grass, with vast areas of sterile landscape colonised by fire-resistant native trees such as the endemic palm Bismarckia nobilis & the Tapia tree Uapaca bojeri ( near Isalo National Park & Fianarantsoa ). The most frequent birds that you can find are Madagascar Cisticola, Madagascar Bush Lark, Madagascar Partridge, Hoopoe, Sandgrouse, Buttonquail, Namaqua Dove & Helmeted Guineafowl. Stripe-throated Jery too is very common.






Madagascar, the People :

Humans have come from Malaysia, Polynesia & Africa and they, themselves, evolved into many different cultures. After the Malay-Polynesians have come new arrivals ( African slaves, Arab, Portuguese traders & French colonials ), they have formed the 18 official tribes which inhabit the island today. The Afro-Asian origin of the Malagasy has produced a people who practice fascinating customs. Each tribe has its own territory, customs & traditions. The most common language is Malagasy, of which there are several dialects. No one who visits the island is left unaffected by the warmth & hospitality of the Malagasy people.

If you are the sort of traveller who craves something different and isn't put off by a bit of discomfort, Madagascar is for you.



Invitation to visit
Makay and Ranomafana National Parks,


Only available from May to October because of rainy season


Makay, it's a hiking through a nearly unexplored area.
Makay to discover a treasure of biodiversity,
Makay to discover the beauties of nature.
Makay can be next time a « Natural Monument » because of its beauty.
Makay is an isolated massif of 150 x 50 Km since many millions of years.
Makay : « to discover the last Eden » ( a book of Les éditions La Martinière )


D1 : Tana
Welcome at Tana airport then transfer to the hotel after changing money to local currency.

D2 : Tana - Ambalavao
A long drive. Stop photos on the way.

D3 : Ambalavao - Isalo
A big trekking through Anjà lemurs Park to see ringtailed lemurs and a lot of birds. Then continuation to Isalo.

D4 : Isalo - Makay
Departure to Makay in the morning. Full day driving. Biwak under tents ( take with you your own tents ).

D5 à D8 : Makay
Big hiking through the Makay mountains. A lot of point of views, a lot of rivers, a lot of nature. Trekking through beautiful lunar landscapes which you will never forget. Hiking through deep canyons, mountains, forests and lakes. Nights in biwak under tents everywhere ( take with you your own tents ).

D9 : Makay - Isalo
Drive back to Isalo with pic-nic lunch on the way.

D10 : Isalo - Ranomafana
Continuation to Ranomafana. Nocturnal visit there to see mouse lemurs ( the smallest lemur in the world ), to see chameleons and to see other nocturnal frogs.

D11 & D12 : Ranomafana
Big hiking through Ranomafana National Park ; through a dense primary evergreen rainy forest. A big walk to see a lot of species of lemurs, birds and other reptiles. The first night in biwak under tents ( take with you your own tents ) then the secong night in a good hotel ( on D12 ). That means two full days trekking.

D13 : Ranomafana - Tana
Drive back to Tana. Arrival at the end of the afternoon. The hotel in Tana ( if you will sleep there again ) is on you. End of service.



I have worked in tourism in my country since ... 1993 till now as tour guide. So ... a lot of experiences ;-)

I love my country, Madagascar. I love public relations.
I love nature. I love people. I love trips.

These passions are what makes me good at my job. Thomas Peters said: « Success at work depends on passion ». I have passionate interest in tourism. And it's a pleasure for me to invite you to visit my wonderful country : Madagascar thank you.

For more details thank you to contact me at :

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Trip to Madagascar, Tour in Madagascar, Photo of Makay by Ravo.Madagascar Trip to Madagascar, Tour in Madagascar, Photo of Makay by Ravo.Madagascar
Trip to Madagascar, Tour in Madagascar, Photo of Makay by Ravo.Madagascar Trip to Madagascar, Tour in Madagascar, Photo of Makay by Ravo.Madagascar
Makay massif - Ravo.Madagascar's pictures 2012 ©



Anti-mosquito spray and cream, pocket torch and spare batteries, head torch if possible, light clothes as well as clothes to keep you warm ( for the nights ), cameras, small good padlocks for your luggage, your personal medicines ( current antibiotics, antidiarrhoea, antiseptics, Betadine, compresses and cotton, purifying tablets, ointment for sprains, lip salve and other personal medicines, protect yourself against malaria, e.g. follow a treatment ) sun cream, sun glasses, walking shoes or closed sports shoes, sandals to walk through rivers, binoculars, swiss knife, k-way or windcheater, hat or cap, big plastic bags to protect your rucksack against the rain, toilet papers, towel, dry fruits good for walking, walking sticks, sleeping bag, your own tents and solid pegs AND cash money = euros.


Madagascar, Makay Evrard Wendenbaum s map, NaturEvolution
Evrard Wendenbaum's map : NaturEvolution
Tournesol LLB comics ( Rollover image )


Clients' Testimonies after their trips in Madagascar :


• Erik Segers - Belgium has written in « LinkedIn » :
If you want to discover Madagascar, Ravo is your man to organise your trip from A to Z. Thanks to his deep knowledge and boundless enthusiasm we had a truly first class visit of this wonderful island. Without a doubt, I do recommend, wholeheartedly.


Another person has said, always in « LinkedIn » :
Ravo is an all-round tour guide and entirely devoted to his clients. Ravo will take care of everything, methodically and professionally. It’s with immense pleasure that I will ask him once more to guide me through his magnificent island, Madagascar Emmanuel Leborgne ( Canada )


logo Linkedin


Ravo is a real professional guide, in a country where professionalism is sometimes lacking. He is good at planning a trip, and always seizes an opportunity when there is one. An example : once our small group of eight made a short train journey, just to get the feel of train travel in Mada - as the locals call Madagascar -. It was interesting to see how the arrival of the train shook up the quiet lives of the villagers who came to the station to sell their goods and to watch and be part of the conundrum. After the train journey our two drivers with their SUVs were to come and pick us up. As it happened, they were not there when we got out of the train. Flat tyre ? engine trouble ? out of petrol ? Who knows. To make good use of the time we had to wait, Ravo took us to a nearby health centre. We could see with our own eyes how this centre was lacking in even basic medical equipment. Ravo also seized the opportunity to explain us how heath care works ( or doesn't work ) in Mada, and what the different levels of health care consist of. Ravo is a very congenial man who is always friendly and who never loses his temper. I can recommend him to any possible visitor of the splendid Isle of Madagascar.
René Weemaels ( English teacher )
Laarheide 282 - 1650 Beersel - Belgium


With 8 friends we toured for 3 weeks Madagascar from west to east. Ravo had organised the trip from A to Z and considering all the imponderables of travelling in Africa, it all turned out just great. What we particularly appreciated : his good humour and his resourcefulness under any circumstance. Just one example, the 8 of us being of unequal fitness, he always managed to find us several guides to walk us on different tracks through the various parks ( Tsingy, Isalo, Andringitra ) such that all of us would equally enjoy the journey, and we did. What to say more : try out Ravo, you won’t regret it, on the contrary, you’ll have not only a lifetime memory of a stunning country but a new ‘friend’. Colette Billiard and Erik Segers ( Belgium )




Madagascar, a wonderland for general naturalist and for nature lovers
Madagascar, a wonderland for general naturalist and for nature lovers
Madagascar, a wonderland for general naturalist and for nature lovers




Your prayer will draw your way and
your faith will help you to run over it
( François Gervais )



08 RAVO (Résumé)
11 GOD

01 The Deep South 1
02 The Micheline (Bus-Train)
03 The Middle West (Baobabs)
04 The Pangalanes Canal
05 The Extreme North (Diégo S)
06 Sainte Marie Island (Whales)
07 Nosy Be (Beach resort - Dive)
08 Antananarivo (the Capital)
09 From Higlands to South-West
10 Anakao (Fishermen village)
11 The Lemurs of Madagascar
12 Madagascar Ramsar Site
13 The Baobabs (West areas)
14 The Indri Indri (lemur : biggest)
15 The Mouse lemur (smallest)
16 The Sifaka (the dancer lemur)
17 The Aye Aye (archaic lemur)
18 Masoala evergreen rainforest


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