- From to the North part of Madagascar -
Antsiranana, Diego Suarez

Travel and Trip, The North of Madagascar, a website of Ravo.Madagascar Travel and Trip, The North of Madagascar, a website of Ravo.Madagascar, webmaster of Christian thought, Photo Ravo.Madagascar Travel and Trip, The North of Madagascar, a website of Ravo.Madagascar


Diego Suarez, in the extreme North of Madagascar

is a little town ( 100 000 inhabitants ) in the extreme North of Madagascar. The principal activities are agriculture, sea salt exploitation, tuna fishing & tourism. The name : Diego Suarez comes from an amalgamation of the names of two Portuguese sailors : Diego Diaz, who first landed on Madagascar in August 1500, and Hernan Soarez, who arrived six years later ( in 1506 ).


Diego Suarez or « Antsiranana » = the port, was a good strategic spot since 1884. The French established a naval base here in the late 19th century ( until 1973 ). Today Antsiranana is an important harbour. There are some beautiful bays there, such as Ramena bay, Sakalava bay, Dunes bay & the emerald sea. Talking about tourism, the highlights are the Amber Mountain National Parc with its waterfalls & the Tsingy of Ankarana ( limestone formations ) with its caves and grottoes.



Travel and Trip, The North of Madagascar, a website of Ravo.Madagascar, webmaster of Christian thought, Photo Ravo.Madagascar Travel and Trip, The North of Madagascar, a website of Ravo.Madagascar, webmaster of Christian thought, Photo Ravo.Madagascar

Ankarana Reserve :
the pot-hole of Mahamasina © & Crowned lemurs ©
( Ravo's pictures : January 2004 ) ©




The Tsingy of Ankarana Natural Reserve, in the extreme North of Madagascar :

Is at 110 Kms at the South of Diégo Suarez and between 50 et 409 m of altitude. The weather is hot & dry ( 1890 mm/year of rain ). When you knock this rock, you can hear : [Tsi:n], it's the reason of its name : the " Tsingy ". This rock formation has begun 200 million years ago ; so it's a jurassic calcareous rock formation. For more informations, click on the Tsingy of Bemaraha.


You can find the same Amber Mountain mammals, lemurs & reptiles there ( see below ). They live in dry forests. But you will see other kinds of birds such as Madagascar pygmy kingfisher Ispidina madagascariensis, Crested coua Coua cristata, Malagasy scops-owl Otus rutilus, Collared nightjar Caprimulgus enarratus, Madagascar nightjar Caprimulgus madagascariensis, Stonechat Saxicola torquata, Madagascar cisticola Cisticola cherina, Madagascar partridge Margaroperdrix madagascariensis, Madagascar crested ibis Lophotibis cristata, Madagascar blue pigeon Alectroenas madagascariensis, etc. Things to see : an extensive cave system which includes fascinating bat-filled grottoes ( one of the longest cave system in Africa - more than 110 Kms ), green lakes, superb stalactites, stalagmites & other formations and the pot-hole of Mahamasina ( a big hole in rock worn away by water at the East part of Ankarana Reserve ).



Travel and Trip, The North of Madagascar, a website of Ravo.Madagascar, webmaster of Christian thought, Photos Ravo.Madagascar

The Red Tsingy - Baobab A. suarezensis - Crowned Lemur
2004 Ravo's Pictures ©
Northern sportive lemur - Ravo - Green lake Tsingy of Ankarana
2011 Eric's Pictures



The Amber Mountain National Park, in the extreme North of Madagascar :

Is at 35 Kms from Diégo Suarez ( 1700 mm/year of rain ), with altitude between 800 and 1475 m and with 3585 mm/year of rain ( one of the rainiest region of Madagascar ). The weather is hot around the mountain, but cool inside. It's a microclimate created by the Tsaratanana massif. So, the Amber Mountain gives water to the whole region.


A paradise for birdwatchers, you can find in this tropical forest a lot of birds such as Malagasy kingfisher Alcedo vintsioides, Madagascar blue pigeon Alectroenas madagascariensis, Madagascar paradise flycatcher Tersiphone mutata or Souimanga sunbird Nectarinia souimanga etc. You can find too reptiles ( such as Madagascar tree boa Sanzinia madagascariensis, chameleons Brookesia sp. & Furcifer sp., leaf-tailed geckos Uroplatus fimbriatus, and other geckos such as Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis ), lemurs ( Sanfordi brown lemur Eulemur fulvus sanfordi, Crowned lemur Eulemur coronatus, etc ) & little carnivorous ( Ringtailed mongoose Galidia elegans or the " fosa " Cryptoprocta ferox ). This prominent volcanic massif has 5 lakes of crater, some waterfalls & streams and viewpoints.


    Travel and Trip, The North of Madagascar, a website of Ravo.Madagascar, webmaster of Christian thought, Photo Ravo.Madagascar      

Finally we advise you to rest at Ankify before to continue to Nosy Be ( another pleasant-looking region with numerous offshore islands and islets ). Ankify is not only a little port for boats and ferries between the Malagasy coast and Nosy Be, but it is too a quiet wonderful beach. Ankify lies at 250 Kms south from Antsiranana = Diego Suarez.

This itinerary travels to the northern point of the island to discover forests, waterfalls, lakes, caves, beaches, lemurs and the very special Tsingy of Ankarana.


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The ANTAKARANA tribe, in the extreme North of Madagascar :



Is based in northern part of Madagascar, around Diego Suarez. They are peasants and fishermen. They grow rice and breed zebus ( oxen with a hump ) and most of them are Muslims ( descendants of Arabic sailors, African & Indian traders ), the others practise the religion of the ancestors with its traditional rites. The name " Antakarana " means " Those from the Cliffs ". That means, those from the high rock of the Tsingy. Historians say that the Antakarana were, a long time ago, Sakalava people. One of their chief has leaded them from the north-west to the north Madagascar.





Holidays to the perfumed big island, Diego Suarez and its whole area,

Do you want to visit another world ? I suggest you Madagascar and its nature, its people, its Parks and Nature Reserves. Madagascar, the kingdom of lemurs, the kingdom of baobabs and the kingdom of chameleons. With our experiences since ... 1993, we will give you excellent advice. To organise your trip and to guide you to make your trip pleasing and unforgetable. Thank's alot for your trust.

Through wonderful beaches, through evergreen humid forests, through montane rainforests, through baobab forests and deciduous dry forests, and through savanna and euphorbia scrub. Madagascar, a big island which lies in the Indian Ocean, eastern of Africa.


Madagascar is becoming a new ecological tour lovers destination.


The north is home to the Antakarana people. They follow many ancient traditions, their ancestors playing a central role in their society. An air of mystery is created by their traditional ceremonies and in their sacred areas which house the spirits of the ancestral princes. In the far north, Diego Suarez ( also known as Antsiranana ) is situated in a picturesque bay, encircled by hills. The changes in climate there create many varieties of flora and fauna, making this region particularly interesting to botanists and naturalists.




A Madagascar trip invitation
The North West and the North

Day 01
Arrival in Antananarivo
City tour of Antananarivo
Day 02
Tana - Ankarafantsika National Park
Nocturnal visit of Ankarafantsika National Park
Day 03
Ankarafantsika Park - Majunga
Visit of Ankarafantsika Sifaka lemurs National Park
Day 04
City tour of Majunga & visit of the sacred lake
Day 05
Majunga - Antsohihy
Photos on the way
Day 06
Antsohihy - Ankify
Free time at leisure near the beach in the afternoon
Day 07
Visit of cocoa plantation & different spices plantation
Day 08
Ankify - Nosy Be
Visit of Nosy Komba lemurs Park & Nosy Tanihely
Day 09
Nosy Be
City tour and visit of Nosy Be island - swimming
Day 10
Nosy Be - Ankarana Park
Transfer to Madagascar by boat - Photos on the way
Day 11
Ankarana National Park - Amber
Visit of the Tsingy of Ankarana Park & the Red Tsingy
Day 12
Amber Mountain- Diégo Suarez
Visit of Amber Mountain National Park
Day 13
Diégo Suarez
Day excursion to the 3 Bays - swimming & baobabs
Day 14
Diégo Suarez - Antananarivo
Flight to Antananarivo - Shopping
Day 15
Departure from Antananarivo
Transfer to the airport



I have worked in tourism in my country since ... 1993 till now as tour guide. So ... a lot of experiences ;-)

I love my country, Madagascar. I love public relations.
I love nature. I love people. I love trips.

These passions are what makes me good at my job. Thomas Peters said: « Success at work depends on passion ». I have passionate interest in tourism. And it's a pleasure for me to invite you to visit my wonderful country : Madagascar thank you.

For more details thank you to contact me at :

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Clients' Testimony after their holidays in the North of Madagascar :

Travel and Trip, The North of Madagascar, a website of Ravo.Madagascar, webmaster of Christian thought, Photo Ravo.Madagascar

North of Madagascar
Ravo's pictures 2012 ©


Dear Ravo,
... What to say, there’s so much ! ... First, a certainty we quickly acquired of trust, whatever the local conditions or situations. A certainty of being surrounded not only by professionals, but also by reliable and attentive friends ! A good feeling that the services rendered were totally free of all financial concerns, knowing well the living conditions in Mada ( Madagascar ) how they are ! ... Diégo Suarez, Nosy Be, the North of Madagascar, where tourism is still in its infancy, you had to improvise from one end to another. For instance the scarcity of finding places to stay, etc. Here, you surpassed yourself, everything was perfect ! ...

And how wonderful to have found those unforgettable sites when I was 20 : Majunga and its baobab, Diégo Suarez and its magnificent bay ( second to none after Rio, according to me ), the old marine base Orangéa, a site of post-cataclysmic appearance, as if copied from an album of the great cartoonist Enki Billal. What else to say except a kindness at any and all moments, adjusting the group according to age or tiredness, a constant helping hand to cross difficult passageways ! A certainty as well that if one day we’d love to bump along the red tracks of Mada ( Madagascar ) again, we would be welcomed as friends ( and this is not said in vain ) and most professionally. Our friendship to you, to Pierrette and kisses to Jenny from us. Hubert and Marie-Colette DUPUIS


Travel and Trip, Madagascar, Nosy Iranja, Nosy Be, Photo Ravo.Madagascar 2015
North of Madagascar : Nosy Iranja, Nosy Be area
Ravo's pictures 2015 ©

Clients' Testimonies after their trips in Madagascar :

• Erik Segers ( Belgium ) has written in « LinkedIn » :
If you want to discover Madagascar, Ravo is your man to organise your trip from A to Z. Thanks to his deep knowledge and boundless enthusiasm we had a truly first class visit of this wonderful island. Without a doubt, I do recommend, wholeheartedly.


Another person has said, always in « LinkedIn » :
Ravo is an all-round tour guide and entirely devoted to his clients. Ravo will take care of everything, methodically and professionally. It’s with immense pleasure that I will ask him once more to guide me through his magnificent island, Madagascar - Emmanuel Leborgne ( Canada )


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The North of Madagascar for nature lovers and for hiking lovers - by Ravo.Madagascar
The North of Madagascar for nature lovers and for hiking lovers - by Ravo.Madagascar

Madagascar a wonderland for nature lovers



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