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To orient your life more and more towards other people - To be « important » is good, but to be good is more important


Only good rapport with brothers can do great accomplishing [ Père Pedro ]


You are in the wrong way :
God doesn't put him-her in your life,
God has put you in his-her life.
You have to understand why ?
[ in the film The Grace Card ]


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Tim and Snowy - Hergé



Anyone who isolates himself from his fellow man will never be mature, in spite of his wisdom [ Dr François Goust ]


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Solitude is the mother of violence and despair [ Martin gray ]




An isolated christian is a christian in danger !
[ D.G. Hoole ]




Life is wonderful but short,
so we have to share it
( A matrimonial agency slogan )

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To be alone is better than
to be with bad companion
( XVI th century )




Because I so feared the crowd and so dreaded the contempt of the clans that I kept silent and would not go outside. Oh that I had someone to hear me ! ... ( Job 31 : 34, 35a )




I called on Your name, O Lord, from the depths of the pit ... You came near when I called You and You said : « Don't fear ! » ( Lamentations of Jeremiah 3 : 55, 57 )




To be and to walk with God : a meaningful relationship with a lot of joy and peace ( The Good Seed 2005 )


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Ringtailed Lemurs of Madagascar
Boule & Bill ( Roba )


Why do we are different from animals ? Because we can to be in relationship with God. The destiny of the human being is to have an happy relationship with God ( Pleased to the Lord 2008 )




Most of people want serve God,
but only as His advisors
( Pleased to the Lord 2010 )




Elijah thought that he would see God in a great & powerful wind or in an earthquake or in a fire ; No. God would present Himself to him in a gentle whisper ... ( 1 Kings 19 : 9 - 18 )




Constructive silence is very important
in relationship between God and us

[ Leroy Koopman ]





Quotations and reflections

A big happiness for you. If you have a close friend who loves you as he loves himself

True friends are not many. But when they exist, they are really treasures

If a friend loves you, don't break down this friendship ! Keep it for ever ! Because it's the most wonderful gift to you from heaven





A true right friend

who loves you is the most precious present from God for you ; the best way to give self-realization to your soul [ Marcel Arnal ]


Buck Danny by Bergese - Hubinon and JM Charlier, Relationship and Friendship, Christian thought

Sonny, Buck Danny & Tumbler
Tom Sawyer & Becky Tatcher

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If someone loves you like his close friend,
Don't disappoint him !
Because if you break down your friendship,
You will break down your own comfort,
You will break down the most powerful consolation
[ Jules Beaulac ]




Don't say that you are too bad,
the Christ has come because you are bad ;

Don't say that you feel very sad,
the Christ has come because you feel sad ;

Don't say that your trouble is too big & too bitter,
nothing is too big for God




An « Ubuntu » is an available and devoted person ; he/she doesn't consider good people as a threat, and he/she is compassionate for people who are suffering, who are tortured, who are oppressed [ Desmond Tutu Archbishop ]





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Let's learn to be glad and to be thankful
for ALL things that GOD has given or give to us :
our parents, our wife-husband, our children, our work ...

Don't look at those who are more wealthy than us,
so we will not be tempted to envy them or to complain
to GOD who has made us following our destiny
[ Pleased to the Lord 2019 ]


Relationship and Friendship, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.Madagascar
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MF Garnier s illustration, Boscher s Method



Share your happiness it becomes double ;
Share your sorrow it becomes half
[ Jacques Deval ]



A friend is someone who knows all on you
and who nevertheless continues to love you
[ Anonymous ]



The problem is not
to be with your friends when they are right,
but to be with them when they are wrong
[ André Malraux ]





Schtroumpf, Peyo Schtroumpf, Peyo Schtroumpf, Peyo




1- When European people got in Africa, we had land and they had Bible. They taught us to close our eyes and to pray. When we opened our eyes, European people had land and we had Bible [ Jomo Kenyatta ]


2- The big boss said to his employees :
- Ladies & gentlemen ! We will celebrate the 10th birthday of our company soon. A good occasion to do a great celebration ! So I need your propositions. But I've 3 conditions : first, it must cost the cheapest ; second, it must be famous so all people in the city will talk about it ; and third, it must satisfy each employee. 3 days after, propositions arrived on the big boss' desk with one anonymous letter : « Go to the top of the building and jump down from the 10th storey ... It won't expensive, all the people of the city will talk about it and particularly each employee will be satisfy of this act ».


3- A man is convoked at the police station. The inspector asks him :
- You said us that your wife was disappeared ?
- Yes sir !
- We have found her
- Ah ! Good ! And what did she tell ?
- Nothing !
- Nothing ?!? So it's not her !!!


4- A lady get in an optician with her little boy :
- Is it for you or for your son Madam ?
- It's for me sir ! But I come with him because of your chart ; I can't read and I can't write since my childhood ...


5- We say : « I want to live with you, but I want that you change first » : it's like to ask to a peach to have the form of an apricot and to have the taste of a cherry. It's like to ask the another that means to ask yourself something impossible [ Cathérine Bensaid ]


6- To be « important » is good, but to be good is more important



Relationship and Friendship, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.Madagascar



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