Mitacq and J.M. Charlier illustration, Christian thought

Mitacq-J.M. Charlier's comics
Ravo's picture 1991-1992


The word was the same as GOD.
The word was the source of life,
And this life brought light to men
( John 1 : 1, 4 )




an angel, God the Father, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.Madagascar
God the Father and its creation, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.Madagascar
an angel, God the Father, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.Madagascar



I, even I, am the Lord !
And apart from Me there is no saviour !
I am the first and I am the last ;
apart from Me there is no God !

( Isaiah 43 : 11 & 44 : 6b )




God's redemption is more wonderful than God's creation ;
the creation of the world shows us God's power, but
the redemption proves us God's Love
( The Good Seed 2002 )



Sin was stronger than man and sin is always stronger than man, but God is stronger than sin. So He decided to help us by Christ ( The Good Seed 2002 )



Jesus didn't come to suppress sufferance. He didn't come to explain it. He came to show us that in each sufferance He is near us and He helps us ( The Good Seed 2002 )



The Scripture is oriented to the Christ. The Christ, Son of the living God, is the base of the Scripture ... So when we read and interpret the Holy writing, we can't isolate some verses, we can't try to understand these verses without thinking on its centre : the Christ [ Martin Luther ]


God the Father, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.Madagascar


Why to adore GOD ?



In front of Those Who is really sublime, wonderful, grand,
we have not enough words ; only silence is appropriate ...

To adore is to honour, to accept and to admire God. So adoration is a deep respect in front of Those Who is infinitely big, in front of Those Who is completely right and good. Adoration is a duty to God, it's too a big privilege ... We begin to adore on earth, we will continue to do it in perfection in the eternal paradise.


Our world is like something in perfect order, and we know and understand it with our limited think ... Why the universe is in a perfect order ? And why can we understand this mechanism ? There is only one answer : because there is only one God Who creates the universe and Who gives us faculty to understand all. Another reason to adore God


You can find the truth only in GOD. Only Him, the Creator, knows everythings because He is the origin of everythings ; only GOD doesn't change ; only GOD can judge ; He use for this his absolute and perfect wisdom. GOD is the Sovereign Lord whose everythings belong to Him ( The Good Seed 2004 )



God the Father, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.Madagascar Ratsimbazafy Rado Randrianakoto illustration, God the Father, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.MadagascarGod the Father, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.Madagascar
Illustration : Rado Ratsimbazafy 1997 (with Paintbrush 3.1)

God has created the heaven and the earth ... including the birds
Ifaty areas, south of Madagascar
Lesser Flamingoes &
Long-tailed Ground roller
Ravo.Madagascar 2019 ©





Difference between RELIGION and The GOSPEL


There are many religions, but only one Gospel

Religion is a human act, the Gospel is a God's present


In religion, we search God ; in the Gospel, God searches us



Religion is what people do for God ; the Gospel is what God does for people

Religion changes our external life, the Gospel transforms our internal life


( The Good Seed 2002 )


Religion basis is wisdom,
the Gospel basis is Love

[ Ravo Madagascar ]



God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, Charles Zingaro and Harry Anderson s illustrations, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.Madagascar


God the Father, Charles Zingaro and Harry Anderson s illustrations, Christian thought, Webmaster Ravo.Madagascar

Charles Zingaro's and Harry Anderson's
1957 illustrations







We can't understand the mystery of the Trinity, it's normal. It would be necessary to be like God to understand it fully. But thanks to the Holy Bible and to the Holy Spirit, to help us to know the only true God, and Those who He sent : Jesus Christ ( 1 Cor 2 : 10 )



Trinity : a Latin word whose meaning is : one God in three Persons, distinct and inseparable. In German, it's Tri-unit ( Dreieinigkeit ), which is even more expressive. The Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit are called God in the Bible ( Gen 1 : 1 - Titus 2 : 13 - Acts 5 : 3, 4 )



Most of times in the New Testament, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are mentioned together, sometimes in parallel, sometimes in their mutual relations. That means that in their unit, They are distinct one from the other. When the same man is husband, father, citizen, engaged in such or such profession, member of such or such church, he does several functions, while having only one personality. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have their own activities, They have each one a distinct personality. This is why They can be mentioned together, as in the baptismal formula : « In the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit » ( Matthieu 28 : 19 ). If Jesus prayed and if He continues to do it now in glory, that proves that It does not merge with God the Father ; and Jesus said that the Holy Spirit is another Helper. That means there are differences between these three Persons.


( John 14 : 16 Words of Christ ) : « I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, who will stay with you for ever ».

Note the subordination of the Son compared to the Father : it is the Father who sent the Son in the world and not the reverse ( John 8 : 18 ). Note too the subordination of the Holy Spirit : He is sent by the Father and the Son ( John 14 : 26 )



Extract from « PRECIS DE DOCTRINE CHRETIENNE » J.M. Nicole. Thanks to Randriatsara Hajason ( Ankadifotsy A.F.F. ) to lend me the book





I will utter Your name, sitting alone among the shadows
of my silent thoughts. I will utter it without words ;
I will utter it without purpose.
For I am like a child that calls its mother a hundred
times, glad that it can say : 'Mother'.

[ Prayer of Rabindranath Tagore in
'The Heart of God' ]



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